Friday, January 28, 2011


So at work we just added a new beer on tap: Bucket Head IPA from this new brewery, Thirsty Planet. It is delicious and I got a chance to taste their other two beers (Yellow Armadillo Wheat and Thirsty Goat Amber). They are both super tasty. Apparently the brewery is causing quite a buzz...perhaps a visit to their tasting room is in order.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Uncle Rico

Remember this movie:

And who can forget Uncle Rico aka Jon Gries. Well, Uncle Rico himself came into my cafe the other evening. And I spoke to him! As a part of my job I have to stop by all the tables, just to check in and see how everything is. So, I had to drop in on Mr. Gries and his buddy. They were very friendly, made some jokes and told me everything was great. Also, there is some word on the street that Mr. Gries is a vegetarian. I can guarantee that this is not true...since he ate a pork chop. AND he was wearing a Black's BBQ hat.