Monday, January 11, 2010

Greenpeace & Chickens......

Today's biggest complaint: Greenpeace.
Now I know that Greenpeace does good things (actually....I don't know this. They say they do, but who knows if they actually are). But with Austin being green/environmentalist friendly, the Greenpeace people are EVERYWHERE. When I was at UT I was constantly dodging them on campus; when I walk around downtown they're everywhere; and on my way to work on South Congress I have to make up the excuse that I'm late for work and just cannot stop to talk. Sorry that I can't afford to have you take a lump sum out of my back account every month just to save the koalas, people! Today they reached a new low though. They invaded a space that is just unfair. I had just finished doing my 4-mile run on Town Lake and was looking forward to a paper-cup full of the delicious water that RunTex so graciously supplies when SUDDENLY there two Greenpeace people appear! The two of them were camping out in front of the water jugs just waiting for unsuspecting exercisers to fall into their trap! Thank GOD for my headphones and my uncanny ability to tell people to 'Fuck Off!' using only my facial expressions otherwise I would have become their next victim. Annoying weekend shoppers and UT students is one thing, but how DARE they come around and try and bother people at Town Lake? What makes them think that someone who just ran the 10-mile loop is going to want some punkass hippie bothering them? They should try running that loop and then see how they feel about talking to people.

In other news: I was just taking out my recycling to my recycle bin (as you do) and I ran into four chickens. They were just chilling in my yard, scratching at crap and pooping all over the place. They made sure to give me the stank eye as I walked by, as if I were interrupting their day out. I'm pretty sure they escaped from the house that looks like an old school. They have all sorts of animals running around all crazy over there. They used to have a white rabbit that they also let roam free in the neighborhood; not too long ago there were signs up because it was missing. Go figure, a domesticated rabbit is let free.....what a surprised that something ate it. Regardless, it's not everyday you happen upon a hen party in your own yard.

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