Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lavaca St

Last night I was introduced to The Lavaca St Bar on guess what street? That's right, Lavaca. It's a pretty cool place in the middle of the warehouse district that I'd walked by a million times before without ever giving the time of day. A few friends of mine had gathered there for a little thing called Tecate Tuesday and invited me to join after I got off work. Tecate Tuesday is a magical time when a can of Tecate costs $1. The bar was pretty chill and surprisingly uncrowded for such an amazing deal (I suppose it was a Tuesday). They also boast a backroom with ping-pong, skeeball, shuffle board and some arcade games, which is pretty neat. But the real reason this place will always have a spot in my heart requires a bit of a story:

So I arrive and sit down with my buddies and they point out to me this couple that has been making out inappropriately (to say the least) since they got there. The entire bar is casually watching them, in fact. As we watch we discuss how likely it is that the girl's hair is going to catch on fire due to the fact that they are leaning over a tall bar table that unfortunately has a candle on it. Time goes by, we move on to other bigger and better topics when suddenly a commotion occurs near everyone's favorite couple. Lo and behold......guess whose hair caught on fire????? She was fine, we all cheered, more Tecate was had and I stored it away as a story that I had to share with you. The one downside to all of this: having to smell burnt hair for awhile. It's not pleasant.

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