Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Star and Some Delicious Burgers

The other day my friend Emily and I decided to try out this new burger joint up the street from where we work. It's called Hopdoddy and everyone I know had been raving about it for weeks. It's turned out to be an excellent little place. The interior is very cool and the food was great. I got a burger with goat cheese, mushrooms and basil pesto. Emily got a ahi tuna burger, which I did not try but looked amazing. The best part about the meal itself was the bloody mary though. When it arrived I mentioned how oddly pink it was. The server said they use a lot of beet juice in the recipe, which automatically made me feel healthier.

Even more exciting than beet juice and goat cheese: Sam Rockwell. You may remember him from such films as Moon, Choke or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I fondly remember him as Guy from Galaxy Quest.

Here is a collection of clips featuring him as Guy from the movie.

Hilarious movie overall, by the way.

Anyways. So Emily and I are searching for a table and keep heading towards open booths that we see. For some reason all of them have 'reserved' signs on them. Eventually we find a table shoved into a corner and backed up very closely to another table at which sits Mr. Sam Rockwell. We sit down (I'm literally 2 feet from him), silently mouth to each other "oh my god Sam Rockwell" and of course both pick up our phones and get on the facebook so the world can know of our good fortune. Of course, neither of us said anything to him (didn't want to disturb his lunch), but it was exciting regardless. Side note: he is super short in real life.

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