Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hangin' Out. Down the Street. The Same Old Thing. We Did Last Week.

Guess. Who. Came. Into. My. Restaurant. Today.

Topher Grace. Topher Grace of That 70s Show fame. Topher Grace who played Eric Foreman who I loooooved. Here's what happened:

So this guy calls in to say that he has a party of 5 coming in blah blah blah. He was mildly rude, which is not uncommon. So a little while later in comes this party of 5. So I tell them the wait, 20-30 minutes and they are like oh.....well we're just gonna go to Vespaio then. That's when I peer around at everyone in the group and suddenly I realize......there stands THE Topher Grace. I had not even NOTICED HIM. And then......they all quietly filed out of the restaurant. *swoon*

The moment they left I immediately skipped, yes skipped across the restaurant to tell my fellow hostess of my luck. News quickly spread. Too bad I missed my chance to propose marriage to him. DAMNIT.

The real point is: does anyone know why he's in Austin???? I sure don't.

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