Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheer Up Charlie's!

One last adventure before I run off to do errands:

this was a little while ago but it is so worth talking about. A few weekends ago I get off work and meet up with a bunch of people at Jackalope downtown. It's a huge bar with an outdoor patio in the back PLUS they serve food, always a plus. After Jackalope we decide to walk east on 6th Street to Shangri La. Upon reaching Shangri La we realize that the door guy won't let Nyla in. Expired passports apparently don't count as ID for some, which is just rude. Honestly, I'm not the hugest Shangri La fan though....so I wasn't exactly bent out of shape. Onward we walk, heading east towards Rio Rita when suddenly we come upon a group of dancing people. In a large parking lot there stands a DJ, a fire pit, a little tent with margaritas and a pod of people who are dancing their hearts out. One beckons for us to come in and I just can't say no. I did some investigating and learned that this tiny corner on East 6th St is owned by one of the dancing girls. They have a noise permit, hence the DJ, but they don't have a liquor license which MEANS the liquor is 'donation only.' They can't really charge you for it. Technically you could get away with just drinking their vat of margaritas for free. It turned into a marvelous evening though. We danced, we drank margaritas, we warmed ourselves by the fire pit. It was almost like something that Alice might have come upon in Alice In Wonderland....magic


  1. I kinda want your life...
    (well, except for the lack of funding part. Yet, it doesn't seem to matter. huh.)

  2. fun! east side is so magic sometimes.