Monday, November 16, 2009

Bats and Trannies!

Two quick updates:
Yesterday on the way to work I was crossing the South Congress bridge, which happens to house Austin's own population of Mexican Free Tail Bats. For those of you who don't know, Austin's bat population is the largest urban bat population in the US. So I'm driving on the bridge and this idiot is stopping in the middle of the bridge! Just slowed his car down and I'm letting loose the string of curse words that I usually use when driving in Austin and then I notice that the bats are flying out from under the bridge! This is a big deal. Hundreds of people gather daily on and around the bridge to see the bats fly out at dusk. I'd seen them before but this was by far my greatest viewing. It wasn't a cloud of bats, it was like a black path of bats through the sky. So. Cool.

In other news: Leslie, our resident Austin trannie, came in to the cafe yesterday to have a drink! Guess he's ok and won't be spending the rest of his life in a nursing home! Also, turns out that the community all pitched in and paid for him to have brain surgery. Pretty cool stuff, Austin.

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