Friday, October 16, 2009

Before I flit off to Houston....

I have weeks of adventures that I have been hording and I'm not going to talk about them now. I just have two quick points before I make the 3-hour drive to Houston.

1. Yesterday I was out running errands and was mildly freaked out by the number of butterflies that were out and about. Seriously, there were 1000s flying everywhere. I'm sure I took out a few hundred just by driving around. So this morning I went on an investigative mission on the internet. I found this article. I think my favorite quote in the article is the very last: "Just one of those natural phenomenons."

2. No updates on Austin's resident tranny, Leslie Cochran. But on the same news website I stumbled upon a slideshow tribute to him. Check it out here. Isn't he adorable?

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