Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've Found the Chupacabra

I have a new Monday night spot. Not that I had a Monday night spot before...but now I do. There's this new bar on 6th and Trinity. Last Monday my partner in crime and I decided that margaritas were needed to get us through the week. We headed downtown with no destination in mind and came upon this new bar: Chupacabra.*** I'd been in once before, but just briefly. Because the chupacabra is an extremely awesome name (see explanation below), we decided it was the place for us. In we went, where we somehow managed to have an amazing time. The bartender was friendly and we all watched a really horrible zombie movie (Quarantine) while drinking delicous margaritas. Blackberry margarita = the best invention ever. Needless to say, we returned this Monday for more. Swamp Thing was on, which we watched with glee. Eddie, the bartender, chatted with us about life while we drank our margaritas (as bartenders tend to do). He forced us to try his homemade margaritas this time, as opposed to the pre-made frozen ones. They were very excellent, mainly because they were free. So go see Eddie, he's a very good man.

In other news: last night I was extremely hip and cool and Austiny. One of the former film graduate students that I know from when I worked in the film department on my campus made a documentary about Jack Rebney. If you will recall, Jack Rebney is this man:

Well, last night the movie, Winnebago Man, was being shown so that Ben, the director of the film, could raise some money for a movie release. It was a really brilliant movie following Ben as he searches for Jack (20 years after the famous Winnebago commercial was found) and then follows them as they basically just interact. It was brilliantly shot, Jack Rebney is still a curmudgeon, and there were even a few touching parts. I won't tell you more though, because you have to go and see it when it comes out in theaters all around the's just that good. In fact, Ben and his fellow filmmakers are taking it on a tour around Europe in November. The most exciting part of the evening: during the Q&A after the film, Jack Rebney called and answered questions for us. THE Winnebago Man....speaking just for us! It was amazing. Anyways, I'm off to bed. Be prepared for some Halloween adventures this weekend!

***For those who don't know, the Chupacabra is a creature that is similar to the Loch Ness monster or Big Foot in that it is never actually seen, just spoken about. Chupacabra means "goat sucker" and apparently it's this little demon lookin' thing that lives in Mexico/South Texas. I often picture it being mildly comical, like a Disney character. See here for more indepth info.

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