Thursday, October 1, 2009

Midweek Adventures

Well well well, some very exciting adventures have been had this week. But first: here's a photo of a rainbow that I took on the way to my internship one morning; we've been getting tons of rain and gloomy weather. It was extra special because when I arrived, the elderly security guard was standing outside taking a photo of the same rainbow with his iPhone. That makes us rainbow buddies.

And on to more exciting things: A friend from the restaurant has two bands, one of which plays every Monday night at the Continental Gallery. I was finally convinced to go this week, which turned out to be a good idea. We stopped at Home Slice Pizza on the way, another extremely well known Austin spot that I had never made it to. It was surprisingly swanky in there. We sat at the bar and grabbed a quick slice before walking down to the show. I recommend it highly. Delightfully New York-ish AND we were entertained by the pizza guys attempting the ol' throw-the-pizza-in-the-air trick. They were failing horribly but it surely made for good "table" side entertainment.

So Continental Gallery is an offshoot of the famous Continental Club. We actually bypassed the huge, welcoming door to the Continental Club and entered through a tiny glass door which led us immediately up some old stairs to the gallery. It was super intimate, like someone's living room with a bar on one side and a 5-piece band somehow squished at one end. The music was really impressive and I hate to admit this....but surprisingly so. I should say, I was more surprised at the type of music. It was very something from 2009 meets The Kinks meets T.Rex meets White Album Beatles (it helps that the lead singer has a violently British accent). They even did a cover of Savoy Truffle, if that puts an imagine into your head. The crowd started out sucking, but a remarkably tall couple eventually started dancing and soon half the audience had joined in (yours truly included, of course). Czech them out. The Ripe.

More adventures in a bit...but in the meantime: Austin City Limits Festival is this weekend. One of the biggest weekends in Austin every year. Be ready for mad celebrity sitings and super adventures. I already know that tonight Them Crooked Vultures is playing at Stubbs. Tomorrow there's a huuuuuge RSVP only party at the old Austin City Power Plant (see below. People loooove to turn old crappy warehouses into hipster locations, don't they?) AND there's another party at Beauty Bar which is most likely where I will end up. Get excited for the weekend!

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