Monday, September 28, 2009

And A Happy Monday To You

First off, Ms Amelia Gray has written another story that can be read here. She actually told me about it on her blog first, but I figured she wouldn't mind if I stole it to share with y'all.

Also, I just got word about another festival and I must admit that I'm excited about it. It's the International Accordion Festival in San Antonio (a mere hour drive from Austin). A few moments ago I went out to get the mail. The only thing in the box: a flyer for this festival. The flyer was addressed to the woman who used to own the house I live in. Her name was Ruthe Winegarten and she happened to be a published and well know Texas historian. She specialized in Texas women (especially Black and Hispanic women) and was very close friends with Ann Richards (only the 2nd woman to hold the office of governor of Texas ever). Wow....I just read the Wikipedia article about Ruthe that I linked through her name and it turns out she killed I'm all creeped out in my house.......Anyways, I don't know that she played the accordion, but she obviously enjoyed it, if she's getting flyers about an accordion festival. I feel like a good time can be had by all at this festival. Who's in?

Here's a youtube video with some clips from last year's festival. Not the best video ever made, but it definitely emphasizes how exciting the festival is going to be.

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  1. Poor Ruthe! Seems like she wasn't at home when she did it, at least.