Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vinyl Happy Hour?

This afternoon my friend Kristina and her BF, Jason, were passing through Austin so they stopped to have lunch with me. We headed to Trudy's for Migas and Mexican Martinis. I must say, it is quite excellent to have an employee discount there! (South Congress Cafe is owned by Trudy's, btw). Anyways, afterward we headed to Waterloo Records because Jason just recently bought himself a record player. Waterloo has a really extensive collection of new AND used albums on vinyl. I must admit, we were there for quite some time painstakingly searching for some hidden gems. I decided on two: Mott the Hoople** and Supertramp. The perfectly placed employees* were impressed with my Mott the Hoople purchase. But the entire reason for this post is really to share the news that Waterloo has a vinyl Happy Hour. Every Tuesday from 7pm to 11pm, all records are 10% off. That's basically saving on tax, which is pretty cool. I think I shall start frequenting this happy hour. I'd say it's a much safer happy hour to attend than any involving alcohol, agreed?

*By perfectly placed I mean this: the man had long blond hair and Buddy Holly glasses. I'd say similar to Garth from Wayne's World but a little more attractive. The girl had cat-eye glasses, dyed black hair and earrings coming out of every free space on her body (I assume). They were exactly the hipster-indie-record store-clerk that everyone imagines.

**Mott the Hoople is most famous (to me at least) for their song All The Young Dudes which was written for them by the most brilliant man ever, David Bowie.

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