Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pecan Street

Well today is the annual Pecan Street Festival.** Two whole days of everything Austin. Every quirky art vendor in town will be there, selling their homemade jewelery, their photographs of Austin, their off the wall art. Plus there will be live music (we are the live music capital of the world). Amplified Heat is playing tonight at 5pm, so you should go. I will be working, as usual. But most importantly of all: there will be food and beer.

**It should be noted that Pecan Street is what 6th Street used to be called. Before 6th Street got 90% of the bars in the Austin, it was the lowly Pecan Street, now it's too big for its britches.

Yesterday Leslie, Austin's resident tranny, wandered by work wearing Christmas pajamas and a Santa hat. Is he preparing his Halloween costume, or has he just decided to skip the rest of the holidays? Also, the pajamas didn't have a butt flap, which is a surprise because he loves to show his freckly butt.

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