Friday, September 4, 2009

Mrs. Johnson's!

I have a new mystery to solve. It's actually not that big of a deal but it's involving a topic that I am very interested in: donuts. Mrs. Johnson's is one of my favorite Austin locations. Just about 2 minutes from my house and open from 7:30pm to noon, it is an excellent place to get a late night snack. But today, something was different! I drove by around 1:30pm and the open sign was still lit up and Mr Patel was clearly visible waiting by the drive through window. (This Patel character bought out Mrs. Johnson years ago, so don't go expecting to find a cute little old lady in a checkered apron. He actually adds to already delightfully seedy nature of the joint). I checked on their website and the hours haven't changed, so I don't know what the deal is. Perhaps he realized that college students are just as likely to eat donuts at 1:30pm as they are at 1:30am? In fact, most college kids don't even consider breakfast till then. Anyways, I'm off to get a tasty treat before work.

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