Thursday, September 17, 2009

Belated Hot Sauce Festival

Soooo the Austin Hot Sauce Fest was weeks ago and because I'm lazy, the photos are just now getting put onto my computer. Oops. There's a video floating around on the FlipCam too, but that might take another 2 months. Turns out the fest sucks. If you're actually interested in hot sauce, which my family definitely is, then you need to check out the Houston fest. That is all about the sauce. Each vendor has their own booth with free samples (everyone loves free samples). At the Austin version there was one giant tent and you stood in a giant line and got to try a few sauces that weren't even labeled. There were only two moments that helped Austin redeem itself. The first was when we went to the Ass Burn tent. My mom has been to the Houston fest so many times that she sort of knows the Ass Burn guys. So we roll up to get some free samples (they knew to get their own tent) and we spot some extra interesting bottles of sauce. They got a few bands together to design labels for some of their sauce. One of the bands happened to be Amplified Heat (I am really cool and thus know one of the band members). The lady at the booth laughed when I told her I knew him and told me to text him in her name. Sweet coincidence.

The second redeeming moment was watching TBird and the Breaks. They always, always, always put on a good show and they did not disappoint. Seriously, check them out.

In other news: this is a grease spot in the Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru next to Hole in the Wall. Thought it was a cool looking face.


  1. Haha! Just the thing to get you to want to eat hot sauce......ass burn!!! lol! Great blog, Amy! I didn't even know you had this, you should have told me! :-)

  2. Thank you, Miss! It's fairly new and I wasn't sure if I'd like what I was writing, but I'm glad you do!

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