Sunday, September 6, 2009

Longest Post Everrrrrr

This is gonna be a long post, just a head's up.

First off, can we talk about the weather in Austin right now? It's amazing. Summer has broken, it's only 93F! That's beautiful. I'm even sitting on my adorable porch swing while I type this. It's so nice in fact that all of my plants in my front yard are blooming (photos included. Another sidenote: the second photo is of a plant that has actually died TWICE! So, take that all the people who told me it was dead and should be thrown out. Take. That).

Moving along: Today was a very exciting day at work. First off, the Austin Triathlon was going on this morning. I took a crazy way to work because the bike course ran straight down South Congress. We got to watch the people zoom by on their bicycles in their fancy biking gear. I was tempted to go out and cheer for them but apparently another one of the girls at work had tried that earlier and all she got were dirty looks. Quite a few of the "triatheletes" came in after they finished the race, looking all sweaty and proud of themselves. It was neat.
Rachael Leigh Cook also came in today. She snuck* in under the radar though and no one noticed her until halfway through her meal. Turns out she's not very friendly. Probably just mad that she's washed up at the age of 30. Too bad, girl.
Much more importantly though, Jessica Alba came in! She was much more Hollywood about it than Miss Cook and had her agent call and talk to a manager so that a table was waiting when she arrived. I suppose Rachael Leigh Cook doesn't have a manager anymore, sad. Anyways, Jessica and her posse and her adorable daughter (who was wearing a cape, btw) sat at the table right next to the host stand, so I got to stare at her almost without being too creepy. Lies, I'm sure I was being quite creepy, but it's Jessica Alba. Remember when she was in Sin City? Yeah weird to see her in person. Anyways, I know she's in Austin to star in some film, but I can't remember which. I'll have to ask around.

Last but not least, I feel that I must vent about my new coffee addiction. I don't even crave it in the mornings as a pick me up, I just really enjoy coffee. I do not consider this a good thing. For one thing, as a person on the verge of being homeless, I can't afford this habit. Second, my teeth are extremely valuable by now (the amount of money spent during the 5 years I had braces.....probably a small fortune). I can't throw that all away by rotting my teeth out with this coffee, but I am. Whatever shall I do? I can only blame Quack's. If it weren't so close and so delicious.....

*Spell check is telling me that snuck is not a word. I say it is and since I have a degree in linguistics, I'm overruling spell check. Jerks.


  1. What is with all the celebrity spottings?! That's so crazy. I didn't see 1 celebrity when I was NYC and you've seen 3 in the past couple of days in Austin!