Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Note on Cell Phones and the East Side

Big news, people! Today at work a man gave me a dollar just for letting him use our bathroom. Our bathrooms are open to the public, btw. Very exciting.

In other news, I just got off the phone with my very good friend Rachel and we were discussing text messages. We wondered how people can really get to know someone via text messages and without any face to face conversations. This occurred to Rachel when she realized that she and a boy she was being wooed by had yet to hold a conversation face to face. Not to mention the millions of times that I have had major communication breakdowns with people because subtle meanings are just lost. What is the world coming to? On a related note: I'm mildly addicted to text messaging.

Well, yesterday I spent the day helping my good friend Alex work on her blooming film career (photo included) and after an 8am-8pm day for her she decided that drinks were in order. Sarah, Alex and I spent way too much time in traffic downtown so we decided to head to the eastside. We parked and wandered aimlessly into this new place called Iron Gate Lounge (which doesn't even have a website to link you to if that tells you anything). We were skeptical when we walked in and the only people inside happened to be the door guy and the two bartenders, all of whom were playing pool. We left after the following conversation:

Me: soooo do you have a credit card minimum?
Bar dude: uh yeah, it's a $10 minimum
Me: oh shit, well I don't have cash (looks at Alex to see if maybe we could find a way to help these sad men out)
Alex: well how much is a Long Island?
Bar dude: uhhh well we don't have liquor.
Alex: oh ok, well, what can I get on draft?
Bar dude: oh well, we only have bottles
Alex: oh. ok much is a Lone Star?
Bar dude: $2
Alex: so we'd need to have 5 beers.....I think we'll come back when you've gotten your liquor license?

Then we left, mildly ashamed because we left those lonely men without a sale. The rest of the night consisted of mocking the hipsters at Shangri La until we couldn't take it anymore and then heading up to Barfly's where the drinks are suspiciously cheap and heinously strong and the people are delightfully tacky, yet unrefined. No wait, that's the Hooters motto. Anyways, we'll see how exciting my life will be in the near future. I managed to get myself tomorrow morning's 8:30am shift at work. It's going to be slightly painful, I'll let you know if I survive.

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  1. First of all, I must say how happy I am to have been mentioned in this post! It is so difficult having a text message boyfriend. I thought a real, face-to-face relationship was hard, but this is proving even more so. Also, I love the picture you posted with this. Also again, I NEED to move to Austin. I want to go to seedy bars with you & make fun of hipsters. It sounds like the perfect night.