Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Post, First Thursday

So I'm doing this blog thing now, apparently. My mom has been telling me for awhile that I should write a blog about my life in Austin but I've been rather reluctant. These past few days have been exciting enough to make me want to write about here I am. We'll see if my life can stay exciting enough. Who doesn't want to become a really cool blogger? I know I do.

Anyways, yesterday I got to work at the early hour of 11:30. I greeted my coworkers, clocked in and made my way up to the host stand to say hello to my fellow host. A couple squeezed past us to leave out the door and I did the usual "thank you guys so much, come back and see us!" As the male portion of the couple thanked us, my mouth dropped open. Could it be?? Yes, it could be. It was Mr. Ben Kweller. The heartthrob of my high school years. The baby-faced crooner and the famous Liz (his wifey) had been within inches of me. I reverted back to being 16 years old again and I actually did the wavy hand thing (you know, when beauty queens win the big prize, that wave). It was a magnificent moment in my life. Plus, I spent the rest of my shift being all giggly. The icing on the (cup)cake? A little while later the guys from Hey Cupcake! from across the street brought over a box of cupcakes for all of us. It was a magical, delicious day.

Today was really what made me want to blog and share how cool I am. Every time I have any interaction with Leslie, Austin's resident tranny, I want to share it with the world. The Leslie talked to ME! This evening I was the door girl for First Thursday. It's a very exciting shift where I sit outside the front door for some reason that I don't really remember anymore. So today, as I took my place by the door, I noticed Leslie talking to South Congress Cafe's homeless man. After they finished their conversation, Leslie meandered over in my direction, stopped on the corner and began shaking his freckly behind. This would be hilarious enough normally, but today his black panties read "money maker." Of course I had to strike up conversation with him about this. So I asked him if he was shaking his money maker at me. He chuckled and came and chatted with me. He made a series of bad jokes, most of which I did not get. But I was honored just to be in his presence. He wandered off a short while later, leaving me feeling rather important. The rest of my 45 minute shift was rather uneventful, except for the zombies. The wandering troop of zombies....oh how very frightening. For those of you who may not know this: I am the biggest wuss ever. I don't do haunted houses, scary movies or even scary stories. The first couple zombies who passed by me left me alone. But when one of them ran after two screaming girls, I decided that I must avoid any other zombies who may pass by. Of course I then managed to freak myself out...a preemptive scare, if you will. Then next time I spotted zombies coming my way, I ran inside to the host stand to hide (one of them had a chain saw...a CHAIN SAW. Don't judge me). It was amusing to watch the zombies press their faces against the windows at our customers though.....

Anyways, I've got places to go and people to see (for real, actually). So in honor of Project Runway, which is on right now, auf wiedersehen. I'm out.

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  1. I CANNOT believe you saw Ben Kweller! I also had a very big crush on him in high school. I remember seeing him live and being in awe of his curly red locks. Yes, I just said "in awe of his curly red locks."