Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where Have I Been?

How is it Thursday already and I haven't had anything worth posting about since Sunday? I suppose it's because I have this wacky schedule now...anyways, there are only a few topics of discussion this time.

First, what is up with the weather? I know that September can often mean fall for some places, but Texas is not "some place." This blustery, cloudy, fallish day is just plain random. I must admit though, I am enjoying it. even tells me it's only 77F. It's almost 1pm! It should at least be 98F by now. Can we blame global warming?

Second, yesterday I had lunch at Quack's with the lovely Amelia Gray (who writes books that you should read and buy. Namely: AM/PM. She also puts on a reading series every other month called 5 Things which you should go to, if you're cool). But the point of this paragraph is not really to get you to love Amelia, it is to tell you about how delicious Quack's is. I know I've mentioned the coffee that I am so addicted to, but yesterday I got a Reuben sandwich from them. And Holy crap it was good. Who knew that a coffee shop/bakery could also spit out a most excellent deli sandwich. I would eat them everyday if there weren't the possibility of getting gout.

Last, I just heard the news that KISS is going to be in Austin on December 4th. Now, we can all admit that the music of KISS really isn't that amazing, catchy though it may be. They're not the Beatles, by any means. BUT we also all know that KISS puts on a damn good show. Fire and face paint = a good time.

Well, I might just enjoy the lovely fall weather before I head off the my other job. Peace

Also, that's a photo of the Mexican coke I drank at Quack's. I don't know why I didn't take a photo of the glorious just enjoy the thought of a refreshing coca-cola and don't worry about it.

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