Thursday, September 24, 2009


Very exciting night tonight.
But it must be prefaced with this brief background story: A few months ago I somehow struck up conversation with some patrons of the restaurant while I was working. I come to find out that this couple just happens to be one of the owners of Torchy's Tacos. Torchy's is this taco place that originally started out as just a trailer that sold tacos on the side of the road. Now there are a few locations around Austin. I adore Torchy's. I always get the Trailer Park Taco and I make it trashy (which means they put queso on the taco instead of lettuce. Brilliant). Their tacos are always fresh, quick and perfect for curing any ailment.

So tonight this couple came in again. I knew they looked familiar, but I couldn't quite remember who they were until the wife mentioned something about having an unusual name. That's when it hit me. She does have an unusual name. It's Mamy. That's right. My name, but with an extra M. We had discussed her name upon our first meeting. So we chatted again, they remembered that my name was Jamie, which is close enough for me, and then Bob gave me and the other hostess a business card. On the back of this business card he wrote "2 free tacos." How legit that is....I'm not sure. But I am pleased none-the-less. They are an awesomely sassy couple that is just as sarcastic as I am, so I am happy to know them.

In other news: the resident homeless man at work shouted "You go girl!" to me as I left today. I oughta buy him a drink someday.

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