Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Days Off of Work!!! Pt. 2

My Sunday was also full of adventure. My family won't have it any other way. First thing was a bit of thrifting. My mom and I headed to Burnet to check out some places. Did you know that most thrift stores are closed Sundays? I didn't. Luckily, in the parking lot of this one place (I cannot remember the name), they have a small market on Sundays. It's right next to the Omlettery (which doesn't have a website?). Anyways, that was pretty cool. Lots of people selling old t-shirts and awesomely bad paintings. I did find a hidden gem though. For the low, low price of $4 I got myself an obviously priceless copy of the album Kick by INXS ON VINYL. I think my vinyl collection could almost be called complete now, for real.

Enough of the thrift talk. Let's move on. My parents and I pondered for awhile what to do for the rest of the day. The world was our oyster. So we chose to head to Lockhart, the BBQ capital of Texas. It was a pleasant drive out there through a lot of empty fields and farms. Our first stop once we arrived was obviously BBQ, so we rolled down our windows and followed our noses to Black's BBQ.

Delish. The sides were all cafeteria style, so you got however much of whatever you wanted. It was lovely.

See? I told you it was lovely. Turns out Black's is this really historical old place. PLUS we sat next to a photo of the original Mr. Black standing with Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley (and some a&m guy who doesn't matter).

After eating that amount of food, you can't just get back into a car and sit. An intense amount of walking needs to happen to avoid certain death. Lockhart is actually an adorable town. It's set up just like most other tiny Texas towns. In fact, it was almost identical to Georgetown. Sadly, I have managed to lose the photos I took of the beautiful city hall that was built in 1832. Just when you think you can trust modern technology......

Anyways, we also stumbled upon one of the only stores in town that was open on a Sunday. This was an antique shop that was much different than the thrift crap we'd looked at earlier that day. The man had really amazing pieces. I give you the world's first jukebox:

The "jukebox" comes with these huge flat metal circles with a million different holes punched in them. You put one of those in, put a German 5cent piece in, and the metal circle spins, just plucking the tines and creating a song. I have no idea how much it costs....but I was seriously tempted to max out my credit card.

The antique store was full of all stores of other goodies including the creepiest stuffed bear ever that was CERTAINLY possessed, and a sweet old sleigh.

The antique store was our last stop in Lockhart before heading home. We did take a tiny pitstop at a Dairy Queen on the way home...but who can resist a tasty ice cream treat???? Not my family.

****One last item to note: turns out the Gingerman moved around the corner because the old location was being turned into yet ANOTHER high rise apartment complex. Stupid.

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