Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Working 9-5

Well, I lie. I'm not really working 9-5. I'm working 8-12 and then 5-9ish. The point is, today I started an internship in the governor's office. Very exciting. Or it could have been, had they been ready for me. Sadly, after getting my id and my parking tag, I spent a solid 2 hours sitting in a swivel chair and rocking back and forth. I think it will be cool though, everyone seems really nice. I was just sad that I woke up at 6:30am just to sit in a chair. We'll see.

After I left the capitol building, Nyla and I went to Jimmy John's. In the parking lot was one of the creepy old brown vans from the early 90s. The weird part: there were no back seats in the van, just bales of hay (see photo). What would possess someone to keep hay back there? Nyla suggested that perhaps they keep a small donkey back there. Seems like a reasonable theory.

I also made an amazing discovery today which I am really excited about. When I get down to South Congress too early to go into work, I drive around a bit in the neighborhoods. There are some amazing houses around there and some hidden gems as well. Today I took a left off of South Congress onto Academy Dr, this tiny little street that runs next to Doc's. So I took this windy road a couple blocks before I passed a sign for the Hotel Saint Cecilia. Not much of the place could be seen from the street. Only a few of the buildings were visible and they looked quite interesting. After looking at the website though, I am really excited about it! I know it's weird to stay at a hotel in the city you live in, but I totally want to now! It seems like this amazing hidden gem. Who would have ever known it was there?

There are some other amazing houses back past the hotel as well. Some of them are historical markers (see 2nd photo). The one in the photo is absolutely beautiful and HUGE in real life.

That's all for now. Happy Wednesday!

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