Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Bit Of Everything

This is going to be more of a photo collage of my past few weekends then stories...mainly because I can't remember all the details. Here we go....

ACL weekend we headed to Club DeVille to see TBird and the Breaks. Buuuuut they played inside and we didn't see them because we were too busy listening to Super Soul Shakedown. A few DJs who play only....soul music. Amazing.

Cool TBird shirts were available.

Then I went to the Gruene Wine and Food or Wine and Music or Wine and Art festival. It was packed full of people, but only enough to make it an adventure. Gruene is always a good time, full of history good food (at the Gristmill) and of course it's close to the best places for tubing.

Gruene (pronounced 'green') has all sort of cutsie-pie places with names like the 'Gruene Apple' and 'Gruene with Jealousy.' So witty.

Anyways, I'm enjoying Houston and that involves a lot of sitting on the couch. Since that is such an involved and complex past-time, I need to go and concentrate. Goodday to you

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