Friday, October 9, 2009

A Walgreen's Nap?

I can't do anything in my life simply, even take a trip to Walgreen's.

So I'm in line at the drive-thru pharmacy. This particular Walgreen's happens to have two lines. There are four of us waiting, two in each line. The first guy in the other line finishes and drives off...but the second guy doesn't move up. I can see him with his head leaning back on the head rest. So I'm looking at him and looking back out my other window and then looking back at him and thinking "holy shit this man has died because he didn't get his medicine. WHAT am I gonna do? If I pretend I don't see him I'm a bad person. But if I go find his dead body then.....ew." So I sit there for a few more minutes before throwing my car in park, getting out and knocking on his window. At first nothing happens and I obviously assume that he is, in fact, dead. I knock again and this time he sits up. He rolls down his window and thanks me, laughing all the while. I'm cracking up, of course. He's a dude my age and apparently just dosed off. As he scoots up to the window I here him say to himself "wow, that just happened."

Also, I listened in while he talked to the pharmacist (illegal, I think) and he was just buying acne meds....awkward.

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